Thursday, July 24, 2008

Post a note purses (for your purse)

These little paper purses have 
3 x 3 post a notes inside.  They have velcro closures.
Make nice gifts. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My HomeMade Cards

Cute little bootie Congratulations
cards.  I cut these with my Cricut.
Sweet 16 card for my grand
daughter that turned 16 years
old this year.  Had a sweet poem
inside about a sweet sixteener.
Birthday card for my 9 year old
grand daughter.  Personalized for
year of her.
Cute Baby cards for  new born.  Blank inside                                        
 I designed these quarter fold 
 notes cards.   Very bright and


Birth announcements for a
baby girl.  My friend Dixie made
the file for me and I cut it with
my Wishblade.

Note board hangings

I am enjoying making these hanging note boards.  I found the idea in a magazine, and kind of did my own thing. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sand Dollar

This journal has a sand dollar on the front.  Beach background with shells on side.  The tag can have the name of your journal written in.

Victorian Rose

This journal has roses inside of the hand crochet circle.  This particular one does not have the snap on the sided

Key Journal

Each journal I make is different.  Because I do each one separately I can not get one exactly like the other.  My newest journals have a small side snap to keep the book closed when it is not being written in.

Star Fish Journal

Starfish journal with real
starfish on the front.  Sand
and shell paper.  Brown
checked ribbon down side.